Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Okay NOW Let's Talk Some Serious Football...

I mean serious, serious football. I live in Tuscaloosa. I grew up (mostly) in Tuscaloosa. I went to college in Tuscaloosa. That would be Tuscaloosa, Alabama, as in THE University of Alabama. Roll Damn Tide.

This is a HUGE weekend for us. This is the biggest matchup we've had since Saint Nick The Overpayed (?) arrived on campus. It is time to put up or shut up.

And for once, I'm not talking about Bama/Auburn or Bama/Tennessee. No no noooooo. I'm talking about the Georgia Bulldoggies.

Alabama vs. Georgia, EPIC

Alabama CAN win this game. Will they? I don't know. And even if I did, I wouldn't say. I don't bet on my teams, I don't verbalize my thoughts before games...sometimes I write them out in drunken emails on the Friday or Saturday night before (usually Saints games)...but even then only to trusted inner-circle types.

I don't hate Georgia. I really don't. I considered going to school there, even. I like the mascot. Way cool dog(s). I made countless road trips during my college days to Athens, Georgia, and saw some of THE best bands ever. In 1995, while on our honeymoon in beautiful St. Lucia, we spent a blissful afternoon at the sports bar at the resort watching Alabama obliterate Georgia 31-0, and recruiting new Tide fans (Roll Tide, Mon!). Good times.

But that has nothing to do with football now. Not. A. Thing.

Let's just say I am really looking forward to Saturday night. I may be homebound, but we are having people over for a mini-party (only those closest who don't care if I haven't dusted in a few weeks...no sense in risking it all to play Martha Stewart). I have promised to "behave" no matter what - this means if we make a key interception and run it back for a touchdown I am NOT allowed to jump up and down. I can flap my arms wildly and scream to the heavens, but no jumping. If things are going badly, no stomping of feet. I am allowed to curse like a sailor and walk (gingerly) out of the room to pout.

At least the ground rules have been all laid out ahead of time. But if you are a true football fan, you must understand how very difficult this will be. This is precisely why I hated working in the press box during games.

Blackout in Samford Stadium? Bring it ON.

Roll Tide, ya'll.

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