Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Appointment Number Two

For those of you keeping score, I'll have my second post-surgery checkup in less than 12 hours. The first one floored me...heard many things I didn't know...many things I didn't want to hear or accept. I'm hoping tomorrow's little get together will be a tad more on the 'feel good' end of things. I'm walking each day, though I've cut back to a short trip around the block around lunchtime and a longer jaunt after work. Swimming several days a week - should probably be more, but not right now. Lots going on, what with the whole getting back to my real life bit. Pain does have a way of reminding me what is most important - so in that sense, it does serve a useful purpose. Gets me out of my "zone" when I'm working, off my posterior and moving, whether I want to do it or not (and 99% of the time I can think of a million more interesting things I want to be doing). My own little built-in drill sergeant. Woo hoo.

I must say that the numbness is significantly improved from one month ago. It is still there, but it is not a complete numbness, except in my foot/ankle/very lower calf. The most encouraging thing, so far, has been that both the pain AND the numbness are MUCH better when I first wake. Of course both worsen as I sit, but the fact that I recover by the next morning...that is what's got me so happy. This is the beginning of my new back chapter, I'm not expecting miracles here, just a decent quality of life, maybe another hike or two (or skydiving, a discussion the other day got me REALLLLLLY wanting to jump and yes I know that would be a bad idea).

The weakness has not improved at all, yet. I think it will. Still cannot push off my foot - no achilles feeling, lower calf just isn't working the way it should. My mind tells it, over and over and over, to move, work - not happening right now. I'm not nearly as frightened by it, though, as I realize that strength may be the last thing I get back. Could take a long time. My heels are retired, for now. *sigh* I live in my Keens, Crocs and Merrills for now.

Tomorrow I'll find out if physical therapy is in order. Somehow I don't think he'll go for it just yet - at least not until more of the numbness is gone. Swim, walk, swim, walk, lie down, sit just a little, stretch, swim, walk. No weight loss yet, but no more weight gain so far. I am taking Lyrica regularly at night, but a VERY low dose - and tomorrow I am going to request an even lower dose. The lower the better, as far as I'm concerned. Lyrica really is a miracle drug for me with the nerve pain, but it is a nightmare for weight gain and swelling and just overall feeling "wonky." I think by now we've established that I am NOT a big fan of taking any kind of drug if I can help it.

So that's the update. I am going back to read where I was one month ago, as I promised I would, to remind myself yet again to be patient. This recovery is measured in months, not days and weeks - and I must remember to be patient. Not my strongest suit.

Hobbling along,

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hank Jr. McCain Song

Please, please let it be over soon. And please let me have some extra Maalox in the fridge....

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Loving John Hiatt

Little musical escape for ya'll...