Friday, August 7, 2009

John Hughes Films

I think many of us who consider ourselves members of the so-called "Generation X" were absolutely rocked yesterday when news broke that writer/director/producer John Hughes had died. Many of us knew Hughes was responsible for ''The Breakfast Club,'' ''Pretty in Pink,'' ''Sixteen Candles'' and oh yeah ''Ferris Bueller's Day Off.'' Yep yep. Knew those. Some of us also knew about ''Planes, Trains & Automobiles'' and ''Some Kind of Wonderful'' (I loved Watts, I really did). But did you know that Hughes wrote the HI-larious scripts for the ''National Lampoon's Vacation'' movies? Or that he penned the ''Home Alone'' film franchise? Yeah, he totally did.

In short, I heart John Hughes movies and I've never ever, for one second, been ashamed of it. Not when my snooty, high-falutin' film geek buddies reminded me that none of his movies ever won an Academy Award. So what? Truth be told, his movies gave me MANY more hours of great entertainment than most of the Oscar winners I've seen. So there. Pfffft!

I don't think I'm alone when I say that while I own a LOT of these DVDs, I'm gonna be getting a lot more of them in coming weeks. I'll need a new DVD cabinet just to hold them all, too. And it'll be pink. Sparkly. And I'll sit and visit with my old friends Watts, Duckie, Samantha, Long Duk Dong, The Geek, Ferris and Claire. And I still lust after Jake Ryan (and Duckie, but I mean COME ON people it's JAKE RYAN right?!?!).

How did her dress not catch on fire?