Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Victory Is Mine!

Ha HA! We did it - pulled GAs for the last two Springsteen shows at Giants Stadium. I'm now officially in training. In 2003, we did five shows at this lovely place...the last night, Aug. 31, was GA. Room for 1,000 in the "pit" area...they drew numbers and we had wristbands...we were among the FIRST FOUR in the STADIUM. I kid you not. Really did happen. Anyway, they open the gate and say "Go!" and we ran the LENGTH OF THE FIELD to our spot on that front rail. I think we were at the 70 yd. line when my beloved turned to me, huffing mightily, and said "never again."

Never again?

HA. As I said, I'm in training. Those of you who've followed my trials and tribulations related to multiple back surgeries know that I will NOT BE DENIED.

Huff. Puff.

Congratulations to all who were fortunate enough to land tickets to these shows. To all who were not, take heart - there WILL be drops, I just know it.

Faith is rewarded.